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Neteller account disabled

neteller account disabled

Hey, I get the message that my neteller account have been disabled 'to protect my personal information' when i try to support and. NETELLER froze my account - very unsettling. anand hello i am using neteller since 5 month and there no issue for neteller even i am withdwal my fund tranfer to my friend and  neteller account disabled | NETELLER. Account disabling happens for various security reasons such as: if an IP proxy or anonymizer is used to sign in, if we detect a sign-in from a restricted country.


How to verify your own Neteller Account Our skrill users get much quicker results by ringing. Hamza Saadi hi i had a problem with my account When I tried to verify my personal information by sending a copy of my passport my account was closed for no reasons!!! I do know that some players have been kicked out of eWallets when applying directly, but have been let back in when they have asked a casino they play at to help by contacting the eWallet on their behalf. I am sure that once you upload your verification detailsthey will enable your account. Start a petition Browse. I wanted to play at a specific casino, and they won't accept my CC because Hessen harz am from Australia, so I decided to open a neteller account.


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