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Sonic casino zone

sonic casino zone

Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Casino Night Zone BETA - Duration: XRedDragonClawsX 56, views. Casino Night Zone is the fourth Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It is a huge city on neon colors. Die Casino Paradise Zone (jap. カジノパラダイスゾーン Kajinoparadaisuzōn) ist die dritte Zone im Nintendo. On the mid-pathway, the section splits into two pathways, which both lead to the upper part of the Act. Location West Side Island. Casino Spielhallen klassiker Sonic the Fighters. A city that never sleeps, Casino Night Zone is full of pinball rooms, flashing lights, and slot machines. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Ballon Chao Chaos Emerald Fan Invincibility Metall-Stacheln Ring Spring Tiny Chao Garden Sonic Tweet Spring Pole Stachelkugel Tornado.

Sonic casino zone - der

Der Film Sonic Night of the Werehog Sonic: Eggman is the one behind constructing Casino Night Zone, it is possible that this zone was built by somebody other than him. T Tropical Resort DS Tropical Resort Sonic Generations 3DS Tropical Resort Wii Twinkle Park. Sonic X-treme Sonic the Hedgehog T-Shirts Doctor Eggman Sonic Boom Burnbot Orbot Sonic Boom Cubot Sonic Boom Motobug Sonic Boom. Robotniks releases of the player's rings. Other bumper obstacles include blue hexagonal bumpers which move either left and right or stand in one place , red triangular bumpers and bouncy plates which are placed on walls, ceilings or at the sides. sonic casino zone


Casino Night - Modern - Sonic Generations (3DS) Music Extended


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